Hi ho, hi ho; Saturdays

Aug 26 2001 Kelly Norton
Hi ho, hi ho; Saturdays at work really blow.
The absurd work schedule continues with no sign of recession. I woke up this afternoon having spent the majority of the night goofing off. One feels a great sense of freedom at the conclusion of a 25 hour work day; something like a dog released from the kennel. I have to find the energy to get things done away from work; I have some unmet objectives that I have no intention of forgetting.

One other bright side to working the long hours is the rediscovery of songs in my collection that have been wrongly forgotten. The most recent findings: Catherine Wheel's "Future Boy", Love Spit Love's "Friends" and D.R.I's "I Don't Need Society". That's the stuff you never hear until you put the whole collection of 10,000 mp3's on shuffle.

Tomorrow is another work day <sigh>