Things are going all wrong.

Aug 19 2001 Kelly Norton
Things are going all wrong. In addition to my arduous work schedule, my reoccurring dental problems have resurfaced. This puts me an interesting situation: I have to work all day tomorrow and all day Monday, but I cannot got into the office until I find a dentist. And, if that doesn't present enough of a problem, I'm also unable to eat. Why is it that life so often reduces us to a sigh? At one point, I firmly believed that the supposed Murphy's Law was a product of perception, that we failed to acknowledge when providence smiled on us. But, I cannot dismiss it now, chance has not delivered as he should. So aberrant are the results of his dealings, that no one, not even the compulsive gambler (who knows nothing of probability) can deny that a more slight hand has control of the deck and deals in irony. <Sigh>

Before things completely fell apart, there were five girls over at the house drinking wine and gossiping. Kristen's best friend, EB, is getting married soon and today was the day of the shower/luncheon/whatever. So, I hung out with the girls. And, let me just say, girls have much more open conversations with one another than guys do. This has always puzzled me. Why is male companionship so very distant? Sure, biologist and Freudians offer arguments about competition and progeny, but it still makes little sense to me why male friends are so guarded against one another. We aren't always that way; I can remember drinking Cuba Libres on the fourth floor of Matheson dorm and discussing everything with my friend Tim. Why is it impossible now to hang out with friends with no particular agenda? Why the hell does everything have to be so structured and reasonable? Like I've always said, I abhor practicality.